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Dentures that look good, fit well and work for you!

We offer life-like and comfortable denture solutions that fit snugly and securely over your gums to restore your smile and counteract any problems missing teeth can cause, such as trouble eating and speaking and the unwanted movement of existing teeth.

A partial denture is ideal for the loss of just one or a few teeth. Made of an acrylic or metal framework they can snap in and out of the dental arch – restoring beauty and function to your smile. A full denture replaces the entire arch of your upper and lower and are fitted onto an acrylic or metal base and crafted to look like your gums and teeth.

Преимущества использования георадара

  • Look natural and easy to wear
  • Restores function
  • Можно снимать для чистки
  • Минимально инвазивные
  • Easy to modify and adjust
  • Доступный Решение


  • Less stability and support than a secured solution
  • Food can collect under the denture
  • Can affect speech and eating certain foods
  • Requires care and maintenance

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